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Like the wealthy 1%, we help the middle class accumulate wealth through life insurance that is usable while you are still alive. We present to you living benefits that come with life insurance that many don’t know.

What We Offer

Our latest product, Living Life, also known as Indexed Universal Life, is permanent life insurance that accumulates cash and protects you in three different areas, including (1)if you or your loved one die soon, (2) if you become ill, or (3) if you live too long. 

Term Life Insurance is available for individuals seeking coverage for a predetermined period. While alive during qualifying health events, you may access a portion of the death benefit through available optional riders. 

Instead of the traditional fixed annuity, we will help you obtain an exclusive, higher, guaranteed lifetime income through a more robust Fixed Indexed Annuity. Without actual market participation, Fixed Indexed Annuity calculates the interest of the underlying index, improving the performance.  

Another option for life insurance is the Whole Life & Universal Life, which has a cash value component and delivers permanent life insurance protection. While alive during qualifying health events, you may access a portion of the death benefit through available optional riders. 

Benefits Of Life Insurance

Large Cover At Affordable Rates

Life insurance provides for your family if you unexpectedly die. If your family depends on your salary, this becomes very important. For a set amount of time, you may have Term Life Insurance.

Tax Benefits

Suppose you have a health issue such as a significant/critical illness. During the treatment and recovery period, you may not be able to earn income. In this instance, life insurance would help cover your family's financial needs.

Option To Increase Life Cover

For up to 99 years of age, you may get coverage for the Whole Life Insurance. Whole Life does not have a term limit, which differentiates this plan from other insurance plans. If you have financial needs, possibly your entire Life, Whole Life insurance is recommended.

Extra benefits

Charitable contributions

Financial Freedom

Stable Growth

Our Happy Clients!

“FullFetch Financial Services exceeded my expectations. They took the time to get to know me and understand my needs. They provided excellent service and communicated well throughout the initial process and over the years.”

Jemma Stone

“FullFetch Financial Services really takes the time to get to know the client and his/her needs. Service is very individualized and personable, and ultimately exactly what I needed. I felt very well taken care of, and will definitely return in the future when I have more needs.”

Kelly Joe

“I have worked with FullFetch Financial Services since my first day of residency (~15 years ago!). They looks at me as a mother and as a physician. I have always felt secure in the knowledge that FullFetch Financial Services is and has been looking out for my best interest and the well-being of my family!”

Stella Alba

How Generational Wealth Can Be Created Using Life Insurance

In addition to the obvious benefits of protecting one’s loved ones in the event of death, everyone should obtain life insurance. Life insurance can also be utilized to build money for you and your family in addition to these essential advantages.

The following two methods will assist you in creating generational wealth:

Maintain consistent earnings

You can ensure yourself a regular income regardless of an economic downturn, a recession, or other financial difficulties by getting life insurance. Additionally, even if they don't need it, your family will receive a sizeable quantity of money from the death benefit.

Minimize your taxable income

By establishing a life insurance policy with the help of our financial professional, you might be able to lower your annual tax burden for the simple fact that, unlike Social Security benefits, which are taxed on both individuals, most of the money yo earned will not be taxed and would become yours alone.

The most complete kind of life insurance is called whole life, and it is made with the goal of giving a person lasting financial security.

Protection from financial hardship

If you die without a policy, your loved ones could face a difficult financial situation. Life insurance can provide a peace of mind by providing financial stability after your death.

Potential for growth and investment income

Because life insurance policies typically pay out cash value instead of premium payments over time, they offer the potential for growth and investment income.

To build wealth over time, invest in estate planing and children's education savings accounts. These accounts grow tax-free.

Pay off high interest debt using a policy loan. This can save you a lot of money in interest payments overtime

Fund your retirement where your money will grow tax-free until you withdraw.

A significant part of financial planning is insurance. By ensuring that you receive financial support when unpleasant things happen, it can help you live a happier life by enabling you to recover more quickly.

When you use life insurance to accumulate wealth, your family will have financial security and advancement after your passing.

If you’ve ever thought about getting life insurance, it’s probably because you want to leave your loved ones with a financial legacy.



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